Weddings and Formal Events

Coot WymanRÉSUMÉ:

My name is Coot Wyman, Professional DJ 15 years.

President: Chris Friedland, 800 375 3403

North Valley Community Foundation
CEO: Alexa Benson, 530-680-0777

A Bride's Best friend.
President: Marty Rosenblum, 415-488-1269

Coca-Cola via By Design Multi-Media
Contact: Marina Montenegro 626-945-5402

Marin Art & Garden Center.
Wedding coordinator: Stacy Kamp, 415-454-1301

Western State University, College Of Law.
Social Committee Chair: Heather Truong, 714-315-1365

Past couples:

Graham & Kyrie Bloem


Lani & Kevin Baller

Dori & Mark Wolvington

John & Rachael McClendon

Jaime & Dave Avila
760) 749-9424 home
(619) 920-5126 cel

Alyssa & Mark Ahern

Leslie & Jimmy Ashker

Chris & Nicole Getto

Lakeisha Randolph/Vadan

Michael & Genese Jordan.
Gen's number is: 760-598-2029

Steve & Kat Bodjanac
(760) 419-0637

Ralph & Judy’s 50th Wedding Anniversary
contact: Vicki Wienand 209-221-5996

Secret & Luis Marquez.
work number is 800/609-5655 Ext. 515,
home 619/271-7443 and cel 961-6851.

Chris & Carissa Martinez

Recent Bar Mitzvahs:


Wedding Services:

Great music customized to your event.

2 experienced DJs, professional, punctual, and friendly. Depending on your event, you may have one, myself, the other, Derek, or the both of us!

We offer consultation with the bride before the wedding to go over all of the music that will be played and at what times.

We bring a cordless microphone to the wedding to announce the wedding party and the mic is also available to you, the best man, the groom or anyone for use during the Toast, or slide show, etc.

Ability to take any and all requests live.

Equipment list:

  1. Denon DNMC6000 Professional DJ mixer/controller
  2. MacBook Pro 15" with 2 TB hard drive (Western Digital)
  3. Turntables (2 Techniques)
  4. Over 100,000 songs, (classic wedding songs, jazz, blues, edm, pop, disco, hip-hop, funk, reggae, rock, etc.) ABILITY TO TAKE ALL REQUESTS, and customize your event.
  5. Amplified Speakers (4 JBLs)
  6. Cordless Microphone (which you can use as well, best man toast, etc)
  7. Professional Lights/Lasers & Haze.

All equipment set up and break down times are free!

Additional Experience:

Radio DJ on Power 102 from 2013-present,
Radio DJ on BOB FM from 2013-present,
Radio DJ on ZROCK FM from 2012-present,
Radio DJ on KCSC from 1995-2001,
Club DJ in Nor Cal from 1996-2002.
So Cal clubs from 2002-2010.
Weddings, privates, Mitzvahs for 15 years.
Worked for Coca-Cola (Spring ‘05)

Clubs I have worked:

Nor Cal:
LaSalle's (Chico),
Lost On Main (Chico),
Riley's (Sac),
19 Broadway (SF),
Blake's on Telegraph (Berkeley),
So Cal:
Neimans (Carlsbad),
Squid Joe's (San Diego),
VINE (Hollywood).

Current playlists include all the new club music: edm, pop, hip-hop & R&B.
Plus tons of 80s, disco, reggae, dancehall, reggaeton, house, funk, old school
hip-hop, R & B, rock & roll, etc.
I bring a hard drive and have access to everything.
Over 100,000 songs.

DJed the Mexico Spring Break concert series for 4 years.

Other promoters, ART CARREY (Mexico Spring Break), Dove (Playboy Magazine).


Typical range is $100-$300 an hour depending on what is requested.
Ability to simply DJ the music, or emcee the event as well.
Size of the crowd, sound system, lights, etc. This all effects the price for your event.
If there is nothing else booked, and there is not a lot of travel required, I would love to make this event as affordable as possible.

These prices are not set in stone. I am very flexible, so lets talk!

Plus I offer price matching, so I can guarantee you will not find another DJ of equal quality, or I will match their price :)

My goal is to be the best, and most affordable DJ you find...