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cootdog Vocals/Keys West Marin County (SF Bay Area)

Coot Wyman a.k.a. cootdog was born and raised in West Marin County in The San Francisco Bay. Coot has been practicing the hip/hop art of freestyle for 14 years, since nine years old. His Father was a touring musician and taught his son the fundamentals of music. Coot's life has been a path straight to success in the music business. In high-school he produced and recorded hip-hop albums with the groups Coco-Flip, TFC, 51-50, 2HP, and The Sac, which were locally very successful. Coot's songs were written as a rebellious voice opposing racism. His song "Let It Go" won him a college scholarship from Corretta Scott King, widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Coot grew up with Shayne and studied piano from Shayne's father, Talc. Shayne and Coot had a hip-hop/R&B group together in the early nineties called The Next Dope Generation. After high-school, the two of them came together to Chico State to study Recording Arts. Shayne introduced Coot to the original members of Mystic Roots and Coot was recruited to rock the mic in a hip-hop style. Now cootdog sings lead vocals, background vocals, plays the keyboards, and continues to rock the mic with tremendous vocal ability and force.
Having established himself as a solo-hip hop entertainer, cootdog has performed with the likes of The Sugar Hill Gang, Lighter Shade of Brown, Digital Underground, Whodini, Sir Mix A Lot, Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, and many others. Coot has recently released a solo album featuring performances by Shock G of Digital Underground, Mystic Roots, Strictly Roots, World Tribe, Force Seven, Al Anderson of Bob Marley's Wailers Band, Michael Franti of Spearhead, Digital Underground, Cornerstone, and many other local, regional, and international recording artists.
The album is entitled: The cootdog project

Hobbies: Acting, working-out, traveling, rolling blunts, and water sports.

Quote: "I have 'nuff respect for all people trying to accomplish unity. I love to see all people living together as one. That is what the message of reggae music is all about. Let's unite for freedom of all beings and legalize the herb!!!"

The Notorious B.I.G., E-40, 2Pac, KRS-One, Digital Underground, Luciano, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Santana, Sublime and Aerosmith.